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Convo Lagging

I should be posting more convos on microcogn.com but I’m lagging – lazy. I’ll see to it. I have to.

Now I’m thinking I should just link one main, major or interesting tweet/link, which when clicked takes a person to the actual website of the convo. With that I’ll have less work to do on earthevent.review, and more time to do other needful things.

Okay, this is why I was average academically. There were other important things I couldn’t neglect, and not put my efforts on. So, here I’m again. I started earthevent.review with the mind of dropping dissertations but now I’ll be dropping nuggets.


Infact, now I’m laughing at the breadth between dissertation and nugget.


Updated 4th April, 2021: I found out I didn't correct the link www.earthevent.review to microcogn.com. The former was the initial name for Microcogn.